Amazon Prescription Delivery

Amazon Prescription Program - Revolutions in Health

Have you heard? Soon you will be able to not only get your favorite potato chips and socks but also get your prescriptions delivered from Amazon.

The prescriptions will come in convenient individual packages, pre-portioned and marked with the date and time of day they should be consumed as well as the name of each pill in the pack. The packs will be delivered free of charge with just the cost of the prescription charged to you. Other pharmacy items can also be added to your order such as creams, cotton balls, and bandages. The orders can be placed on auto-ship, so no need to worry about re-ordering every month. 

News of the new prescription delivery service has caused other pharmacies to rethink their prescription delivery services as many of them charge to deliver. The price of other pharmacies stocks dropped soon after the Amazon announcement. Many worry what the long-term effects will be to chains and local pharmacies. However for individuals the service offers yet another way to save time and focus on what is important in life. The new service will be extremely beneficial for those with kids, those taking care of sick family members and those with busy jobs. 

Amazon’s foray into the healthcare world doesn’t stop there, with plans to dip their toe into other healthcare endeavors. Amazon has joined forces with JP Morgan and Berkshire-Hathaway to form, Haven. Haven’s main goal is to lower employer healthcare costs. The new venture will aim to marry AI, machine learning and healthcare. Haven currently offers six HIPPA-eligible machine learning and AI Amazon web services. Haven has an in-progress patent that would allow Alexa to tell when you are sick by analyzing voice patterns, monitor symptoms while using pattern recognition to cross reference medical records, and utilize blood glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs. 

As with all new technology, do your research, discuss with your loved ones and see if it fits in with your lifestyle. 

Amazon Prescription Delivery - Revolutions in Health