How to Prevent Cold & Flu Naturally

How to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally | Inci Jones Author

This year’s old & flu season is definitely been an interesting one, with 2 strains of the flu – Influenza Type A & B, and now with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) hitting many countries quite hard and currently starting to surface in various states in the U.S. It is making everyone a little cautious about going into crowded public places and practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of this rapidly spreading virus. If you do have to venture out to go grocery shopping or pick up prescriptions please remember to not touch your face with your hands and wash your hands frequently.

In our home we have our arsenal of supplements that we use to keep ourselves cold and flu free. Below are some of our Go-To products that help to prevent or lessen the duration or severity of cold & flu. 

Links for Products

Enzymatic Therapy – Esberitox Echinacea

NutraSense – ImmunoSense – Info

Purchase ImmunoSense:

Vitamin C: BioCGel

Kyolic Garlic Formula 100



Jarrow Dophilus

Seelect Slippery Elm Tea:

Please note: The above products are not a substitute for a physician care.  It  recommend that you speak with your doctor to rule out something more serious.