Mother Earth Just Gave Up Humans

Mother Earth just gave up humans | Inci Jones

On Easter eve my husband, Rod, daughter Rose and I reflected via Facetime on the impact that the quarantine had on humans but also our planet. When all this COVID-19 quarantine stuff began, there seemed to be an interesting correlation between Lent and the time when quarantine began. People usually give up something for Lent to honor Christ’s journey into the desert for 40 days. Many Christians fast one day a week, others give up luxuries, like doing certain things, eating chocolate or snacking and the new take of giving up Instagram or Facebook for Lent.

During this time, I don’t think too many people realized the Lenten season would bring about a sacrifice aimed directly at all humans and their impact on our world, whether we liked it or not. We were given a “time out” to reflect upon our rather self serving agendas of modern life. We were given time to realize just how, we as humans are not only impacting the health of our planet, but the animal kingdom, the vulnerable and meek of the earth.

But in our sheltering in absence, miraculously, the skies cleared quickly of smog, the animals ventured out, both elements are thriving and reproducing in our absence. 

Venice Italy with Dolphins
Venice canals run clear, dolphins appear . Picture: Getty/Twitter

All around the world the lack of human impact could be seen. The canals in Venice, Italy not too long ago were murky and muddy, now we have new visitors of fish, long absent returning, playfully swimming. There were also some sightings of dolphins swimming up and down the canals, which apparently has not happened in a very long time. The water is now clear enough to see the rocks on the bottom. In other parts of the world, nearly extinct turtles journeyed onto sandy beaches to lay their eggs. Before the quarantine the beaches were usually filled with people sunbathing and swimming leaving the turtles unable to lay their eggs due to human beach activity. The animals and earth,collectively breathed a sigh of relief for their respite. It seems like Mother Earth just gave up humans for lent

The healing of the earth has begun… now must continue with a mindful way of coexisting with our planet and it’s animal inhabitants. Sure once sheltering in is over we will all get back to our daily lives and work routine, but somewhere we should make an effort to show Mother Earth and the animals some kindness and respect.