Who is Inci?

Inci Jones | Author

Inci Jones is a highly respected consultant and advocate in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years.

She encourages people to take responsibility for their own health. She realized many years ago that people simply don’t think about their health until something goes wrong. Which, in many cases, those health conditions may have been prevented or the severity reduced. 

She realized through her own journey, that the best thing anyone can do to stay healthy is being proactive. “We live in an amazing age where information is readily available to anyone 24-hours a day via the Internet. There is plenty of information available on how people can take care of themselves and stay healthy. But most people just take their health for granted. They put other day to day issues as their focus, and put off taking small healthy steps everyday.” 

Inci was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and the doctors were the first ones to tell her, “Because you have taken care of yourself for many years, your prognosis is excellent to be disease free within a matter of months.”  That experience reconfirmed what she has been advocating for many years, that it’s best to stay as healthy as you can because just about anyone can develop a serious health condition. Being in good health gives you the ammunition to fight off diseases and go on to live.  

Her goal in her series of health, wellness and positivity related books is to put the individual in charge of their day to day health concerns by giving information in an easy to understand, no-nonsense approach. 

“Being healthy is one of life’s true blessings because it gives you time to be with your loved ones.”   

Inci Jones